National Freestyle Academy

Push your freestyle abilities to the next level at the award-winning terrain parks and pipe of Park City. This camp is about riding and the latest coaching techniques for the progressive world of freestyle snowboarding. Whether in the park, pipe, or being creative with the mountain, we explore adding style to your function.

Practice, practice, and break down the elements so that you can be confident to ride and teach this fun aspect of our sport. This course is a prerequisite to taking the Freestyle Accreditation; however, you do not need to take the accreditation if you choose not to. This clinic is an excellent entry into riding freestyle as well as an outstanding place to fine tune skills you already have.

2 Day Camp

During the 2-day training camp you will get more time to develop skills in freestyle. Plenty of time for feedback on tricks you want to get while helping to develop your Technical Understanding, MA and Teaching skills in the Freestyle environment focused on the Freestyle Specialist standards.

1-Day Clinic

The examiner will review the content that will be assessed in the exam. During the warmup the examiner will have the group do a park inspection, while getting to know the group they will decide what will be the best focus for the day. They will give feedback on the tricks that are going to be assessed during the ride day. There will be some time for practice, teaching, and MA.

2 Day Freestyle Specialist Assessment

You will review, and be assessed in, park and pipe (as available), riding skills and teaching techniques. Please reference the PSIA-AASI Freestyle Specialist National Standards for required proficiency levels and park feature sizes.

January 29 – February 2, 2024 at Woodward Park City, UT – register today!

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