The PSIA-AASI Eastern office maintains a full-time member service staff to assist you with any membership or event registration questions. We are available by phone or e-mail and are happy to answer any questions and help you with your PSIA-AASI membership. PSIA-AASI membership has numerous benefits and offers you many opportunities to improve your personal teaching and skiing/riding, but it also has some rules and guidelines that must be followed. These are policies that the Association has deemed necessary to support efficient management of events, as well as sound fiscal practices.

Online Registration

Click here to go to the PSIA-AASI Eastern event calendar page, and choose an event, and then click the link to register for that course, if online registration is available. Please note: all exams and events are eligible for online registration!

New Features

Our calendar of events is available! Search by discipline, location or type of event. It is easier than ever to find and register for the event you’re hoping to attend!

Tutorial for Event Registration

Online Exam Registration

You can register for ALL events onlineincluding exams! No director’s signature will be required for exams and our new database is set up to recognize if you’ve taken the necessary prerequisites, so registering online will be your “go to” option to ensure your spot in any event. Space will be limited for most events, so registering online and early will be the best way to make sure you’re on the roster.

  • Please note: While a school director’s signature is not required, we strongly encourage you to notify your director so that he or she is both aware of and can help ensure that you are prepared for a successful exam experience.

Early Bird Pricing

Once you find the event you’d like to attend, you’ll want to sign up early and take advantage of Early Bird Pricing until three weeks before the event! Space will be limited for most events, so sign up early to guarantee your spot. The system will also show you the number of spots remaining.

Waitlists Will Be Available

If the event is already full, make sure you utilize the online waitlist which is automated. You’ll be able to add yourself to the waitlist and if we’re able to open a spot for you, you’ll be automatically added to the event according to your position on the waitlist. You can also remove yourself from the waitlist any time, if a spot has not yet opened. We’ll make every effort to get you in to the event you want to attend.

Automated waitlists will allow us to leave online registration open longer

Registration for events will close one week before most events and two weeks before an exam.

No Fax or Email Registrations Accepted

Extra security measures have been put in place. In order to keep your information secure, no fax or email registrations will be accepted. You will register for ALL events online – including exams!

How We Can Help

While we can no longer accept applications via fax, we have online registration for all events, and can help if you have any trouble with registration. You should expect to receive an e-mail confirmation to confirm your event registration has been completed to the e-mail we have on your record.

Administrative Charges

Cancellation fees reflect costs incurred by the Eastern office. When changes are made just prior to events, the cost escalates due to the fact that virtually all costs and commitments are fixed by that time. Our administrative fees are listed on each event details page.

We hope this helps answer some of your basic questions about PSIA-AASI Eastern Region. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact the office at (518) 452-6095, or e-mail us at

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