Eastern Member Benefits

The Eastern Region provides diverse resources & tools to help you get the most out of your membership.
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Professional Development, Personal Fulfillment

You’ll enjoy the camaraderie of lifelong colleagues, the fun of learning, the reward of teaching and the joy of skiing and riding!

Member Deals

There are special deals and discounts available to Eastern members. You’ll find everything from hotel discounts to discounts on boot fitting and gear and equipment too!


If you've got a question, we've got an answer. Click her to find your answer in our Knowledge Base, or call us at (518) 452-6095!

Eastern Newsletter

Find the current issue of the newsletter as well as archives, in PDF format as well as Issuu format.

Educational Events

Deepen your knowledge by attending an event or work toward nationally recognized certification or accreditation to validate to the public that they can expect the highest level of quality and consistency in the instruction they receive from you. Whatever your goals, you’ll improve your skiing, riding and teaching by participating in one of over 500 educational events / clinics taught by our extraordinary clinicians.

Educational Resources

We have developed pathways for learning for each of the main disciplines and accreditations. Click on a discipline to learn more about options for learning, whether you are looking to maintain your certification or earn a new one. Resources and links are included for every step of the way.

Educational Materials

ASEA publishes numerous digital and printed manuals to support the American Teaching System as well as Performance Guides, eLearning courses, and live and recorded webinars. In addition, PSIA-AASI E publishes several Assessment Guides to outline the certification process, online courses, and a broad selection of live and recorded webinars.

Certification and Accreditation

Passing a PSIA-AASI Eastern certification or accreditation confirms that you have achieved standards set by the national organization for personal performance, teaching, and professional knowledge. A certification pin is a validation, and it indicates to the public that they can expect the highest level of quality and consistency in the instruction they receive from you.


All national members receive a subscription to 32 Degrees: The Journal of Professional Snowsports Instruction, an award-winning magazine that publishes several educational and professional articles each issue. You also receive the SnowPro, the eastern newsletter, which includes technical articles, regional news, event information and articles written by members.


Take advantage of the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to attend an educational event. Thousands of dollars are awarded each year to deserving members! Maximize your learning!

Our programs are fun, fulfilling and a great value!

Your Membership, Our answers

Explore our “Questions & Answers” FAQ to learn more about your membership. Start meeting instructors psyched to share their knowledge with you, when you participate in clinics and events.

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