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Alpine Level III Teaching Assessment – 1 Day

Before taking the skiing or teaching parts of the assessment, the candidate must successfully complete the online Alpine Level III Professional Knowledge Assessment. Candidates must attain Children’s Specialist 2 designation or complete designated prerequisite prior to registering for the Teaching Assessment. The Alpine Level III Teaching assessment is a one-day event. Groups will meet at a specified location at 8:45 A.M. Please be punctual. Candidates will be placed in small groups and each group will be assigned two evaluators who will ski with the group for the entire day. Scoring reflects the Assessment Criteria of the National Standards – Technical, Teaching and People Skills. During the day the candidate can expect to have two teaching sessions that will run up to 30 minutes in length total. In addition to their own teaching session(s), candidates will be expected to observe, give comments and actively participate in teaching/coaching discussions as requested by the examiners. Please review the Alpine Assessment Guide for more detail of the on-hill experience.

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