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PSIA-AASI Code of Conduct

PSIA-AASI developed the Code of Conduct to help you achieve a level of personal conduct and standards of behavior that are consistent with the expectations of instructors across the country.

Who this applies to: All PSIA-AASI members, member schools, and volunteers, including PSIA-AASI’s regional and national board members, officers and staff.

When this applies: At all times when you are in a position to affect PSIA-AASI’s standing within the snowsports industry or with the general public.

  1. You shall conduct yourself in a manner that is consistent with practicing safety, risk awareness, professionalism, a high standard of integrity, self-control, and responsible behavior.
  2. You shall comply with all applicable rules and policies of your region and the association, including but not limited to bylaws and conflict of interest policy.
  3. You shall not accept any gratuity, gift, or favor that might impair or appear to influence your professional decisions or actions.
  4. You shall not provide compensated instruction without the advance written consent and acknowledgment of the Snowsports School of the Resort at which you are providing instruction.
  5. You shall not engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.
  6. You shall not engage in illegal conduct.
  7. You shall not engage in harassment of any kind against a resort guest, resort employee, a member of the general public, PSIA-AASI association employees, volunteers, contractors or another member.
  8. You shall not discriminate against any member or any other person on account of race, religion, age, creed, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or nationality.
  9. You shall not conduct yourself in a manner which would bring discredit to the association or any region.
  10. You shall not abuse any privilege that may be extended as a result of your membership from industry partners, such as equipment manufacturers, distributors, retailers, resorts, or other professional groups.
  11. You shall not allow the use of your name or likeness in such manner as to misrepresent or otherwise mislead the public concerning any given product or service.
  12. You shall not misrepresent yourself in any way to the organization, for instance, your professional status, competence, or experience.

If a member deviates from the Code of Conduct they may face disciplinary action, including the loss of credentials and membership.

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