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Reinstatement Form

The reinstatement process was set up to provide former members a path to return to active membership without loss of their prior certification level. The reinstatement process is for you if you are a previous member who wants to rejoin as a Certified Member or if you are an Alumni Member who wants to go back to being a Certified Member.

  • The reinstatement process is the same for all disciplines.
  • If you want to rejoin PSIA-AASI and do not want to pursue or maintain your certification, you can do so as an Alumni Member (if you meet the qualifications) or as a Registered Member and bypass the education requirements of the reinstatement process.
  • If you are an Alumni Member and want to change your membership status to Certified Member, you must follow the reinstatement process and pay 50 percent of the reinstatement fee due.

If you were a member of PSIA-AASI in the past, and are interested in reinstating with us, please call Regina at (518) 452-6095 ext. 105 or fill out the Reinstatement Request Form.

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