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Can you tell me more about the online Professional Knowledge Exam?

  • ***You must pass your online component prior to registering for the on-snow component.***
  • Please refer to the Assessment Guides for further information on exam procedures and qualifications.
  • Should a member require special arrangements for an exam, please contact the Eastern Office by calling (518) 452-6095.

You will be evaluated in the following categories:

Teaching Skills (18 questions total = 6 in each subcategory)

  • Models
  • Learning Theory
  • Teaching

Technical Skills (18 questions total = 6 in each subcategory)

  • Physics and Biomechanics
  • Industry, Equipment, and Technology
  • Skills and Fundamentals

People Skills (18 questions total = 6 in each subcategory)

  • Communication
  • Relationships with Others
  • Professionalism and Self-Management

Each subcategory is timed and you’ll have 10 minutes to complete the questions within that subcategory. There is enough time to look things up (however, you will not have enough time to look up ALL the questions). At the end of each subcategory, you will receive a report about the question(s) you missed along with the Manual or Resource and the section in which the answer can be found. Please write down this information and look up the correct answer so you can learn the information before you attempt the subcategory again.

  • To pass the test you must score 83% on each subcategory (5 out of 6 questions correct).
  • The total test is 54 questions in length.
  • Retakes are free and there is no limit to how many attempts you can make.

Passing the test is a prerequisite to registering for the on-snow exam. Reading the manuals prior to taking the test is the best strategy for passing the test. To be prepared for the online exam, please read:

  • Your discipline-specific (i.e., Alpine, Snowboard, Adaptive, Telemark or Cross Country) Technical Manual.
  • Teaching Snowsports Manual.
  • Relevant Performance Guides for the Level you are attempting.

Reading these manuals is also recommended as there are questions based on this material:

  • Teaching Children Snowsports
  • Freestyle Technical Manual

Please click here and choose your discipline to find out more about the certification requirements and to find links to important resources.


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