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So, who’s got NEXT?!

YOU DO. . . and NextCore is your group to make it happen at PSIA-AASI Eastern!

You represent our “next core of members” and your input and involvement is crucial to our vitality and relevance.

We know you love snowsports. We need you to help us make your membership in PSIA-AASI the kind of experience YOU want it to be!

NextCore is a small “advisory and action” group of young members like you from teens to thirties. We are creating this group to provide you with an avenue to promote the change and develop the programs and benefits you are looking for in your snowsports and membership experience with PSIA-AASI.

Interested in being a part of NextCore? NextCore Advisory Group is on Facebook: A by-request group site for members interested in providing ideas and discussing issues related to the 14–39 year old demographic of membership.


The NextCore Action & Advisory Committee is proud to host the ‘Next Steps’ Mentorship Program

NextCore and the PSIA-AASI Eastern Region launched their ‘Next Steps’ Mentorship program, and we are excited to announce the ‘Next Steps’ Mentorship program will be returning for a third season in 23-24!

The interest we received last year from the Eastern membership was outstanding. This year we are looking forward to expanding the program to give more members their chance to learn how to grow as a Snow-sport instructor.

The ‘Next Steps’ Mentorship program gives Eastern members affiliated with or employed by a snowsports school the opportunity to be paired one-on-one with a PSIA-AASI E Ed Staff member. Mentor focus ranges from guidance understanding the exam process to making it as a full timer and everything in between.

In year one we received positive feedback from mentors and mentees about the benefits gained from the mentor-mentee relationship. Both sides enjoyed communicating with each other, some even had the opportunity to meet in person and others have remained in touch.

We also have the opportunity to grow and improve the program to help give you the best experience possible. Highlighted improvements include but are not limited to:

  • Improved mentor-mentee pairings with additional help from mentors choosing their mentee.
  • Geographic location to help make it easier to meet in person if desired and agreed upon by both parties.
  • Better understanding from mentors and mentees on program expectations.

Are you ready to take your PSIA membership to the next level and grow as a Snow-sport instructor? The ‘Next Steps’ Mentorship program is the opportunity for you! a

NextCore “Next Steps” Mentorship Program

Registration Opens Monday, October 23

Dive into a world of unparalleled guidance with the “Next Steps” mentorship from NextCore.

By registering, you’ll have the golden chance to be paired with a mentor from the PSIA-AASI Eastern Ed Staff for the 2023-2024 winter season.

This isn’t just another program—it’s a career-transforming experience. Don’t let this chance slip away.

Starting Monday, October 23, click here to register and redefine your professional journey!

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