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Transfer Policy

PSIA-AASI Transfer Policy

A PSIA-AASI member is allowed to transfer their primary membership to any of the 8 regions across the country. In order to do this, the member will contact the division they wish to transfer to and adhere to the below fee if applicable.

  • A $25.00 transfer fee will be required by the region to which the member is transferring for transfers that happen after membership has already been renewed for the year.
  • Transfer fees will not be required if done at yearly dues billing.

Please contact the region you wish to transfer to in order to complete your transfer. Contact information for the PSIA-AASI regional offices is listed on the national Member Services site.

If you are planning to relocate, you can transfer your membership to another region or you can maintain a dual-membership and continue to be an Eastern member as well. By retaining your Eastern membership, you will continue to receive our SnowPro regional newsletter and keep up-to-date on events and happenings here. Please keep in mind if you want to transfer and not remain a dual member, it is best to transfer in the spring when you receive your membership renewal (before June 30th) to avoid paying extra fees. Only members in good standing are eligible to transfer.

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