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What if my schedule did not permit and I was unable to participate in my update in the season I was due?

If you’re a Certified Member and haven’t maintained or met your CEU requirements:

  • You’ll see an Education Prepayment fee on your membership dues renewal statement.*
  • Your membership status changes to certified inactive.
  • To return to certified active status, you’ll need to complete the minimum number of CEUs according to how far behind you are on your education credits:
    • 1 year: 12 CEUs
    • 2 years: 18 CEUs
    • 3 years: 24 CEUs
    • 4 years: 24 CEUs
  • If you don’t earn the minimum number of CEUs at the end of 4 years, you’ll be reassigned to the Alumni Member category.

*The Education Prepayment fee will be applied in its entirety toward your qualifying event in the coming season. Qualifying events are PSIA-AASI Eastern events which award CEU credits open successful completion. Qualifying events can be on-snow or online.

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