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What is the reciprocity offered for USSS (formerly called USSA) Members?

If you are a current US Ski and Snowboard (USSS) member with your USSS certification (Level 100 or higher) who joins PSIA-AASI, you can opt out of the PSIA-AASI level I certification assessment.

Your member card will not show your USSS certification, but having your USSS certification allows you to bypass the level I assessment to participate in the level II assessment of the discipline in which you hold your USSS certification. Once you pass your PSIA-AASI certification assessment, your member card will show your certification.

Example: You are a USSS Level 100 alpine skier who joins PSIA-AASI. Your member card will read Registered Member. You do not need to take the Alpine Level I assessment to participate in the Alpine Level II assessment, but you will need to complete any other required prerequisites. Once you pass your Level II, your membership card will read Certified Member.

If you have any questions regarding this reciprocity or event requirements, please feel free to call or e-mail the office.

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