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Foreign Certification Equivalency Policy

PSIA-AASI Foreign Certification Equivalency Policy

Snowsports instructors with foreign certification seeking PSIA-AASI certification:

  • Must become a member of PSIA-AASI.
  • Must be current and provide proof of active certification from another country/association.
  • We will reference the PSIA-AASI Foreign Certification Equivalency for the equivalent level of certification.
  • Once the equivalent level of certification has been accepted, we will add a Universal Equivalency at the correct level to your education record, so the system recognizes the courses / events you are qualified to take.
  • The holder of an equivalent foreign certification may take the equivalent level of PSIA-AASI certification or one level above, up to Level 3.
  • PSIA-AASI certification is not granted until successful completion of the entire assessment process including prerequisites.
  • PSIA-AASI certification must be maintained by obtaining continuing education credits as outlined in the CEU Management Policy.
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