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Eastern Zones

The Eastern Region of PSIA-AASI consists of four geographical zones.


Zone 1 Northern New England: Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont

Zone 2 Southern New England: Connecticut, Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Zone 3 – Mid-Atlantic: New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Zone 4 – South: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Washington D.C.

How are PSIA-AASI Eastern Zones determined?

As a new member, you may choose to be affiliated with one zone – the one in which you work as a snowsports instructor OR the one in which you live. This affiliation is for regional mailing and voting purposes. You should affiliate with the zone in which you are most active as a snowsports instructor. If you do not choose, the zone in which you live will be assigned as your designated zone affiliation by PSIA-AASI Eastern Bylaws, Section 5.2. You must then notify the Eastern office in writing, should you choose to change your affiliation to the zone in which you work.

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