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How does the quarterly auto-pay dues program work and how do I sign up?

It’s very simple. Just sign up once and forget about it. Your dues will be split into four smaller payments and charged to your account on June 29, September 29, December 30 and March 30.

Here are the details:

  • By opting into this program, you are agreeing to four smaller payments for an entire season of membership.
  • There are NO service or admin charges.
  • Any additional fees and/or donations are charged in the first payment of the season only.
  • Draw dates are June 29, September 29, December 30 and March 30.
  • If you join or renew after the first draw date, you’ll pay the missed payments up front.
  • Credit card information will be kept securely.
  • Membership will continue to renew automatically each year until you provide notice to terminate automatic charges/withdrawals.

Click here to renew and sign up!

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